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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bon Jovi Greatest Hits Album Coming to Rock Band

Rock Band addicts can expect a whole lot of Bon Jovi in the near future. Speaking with MCV, Paul DeGooyer of MTV Games revealed a new cross-promotional partnership with the New Jersey-based band. "Bon Jovi for us is one of our most requested artists," explained MTV's senior vice president of electronic games and music. "We've had a couple of songs on disc, but we've never done a vertical campaign like this with them."
The company plans to release Bon Jovi's upcoming Greatest Hits collection as DLC sometime after Rock Band 3 hits store shelves on October 26. No further specifics were provided, but the album itself will be available on November 9.
Check out the full tracklist for the two-disc compilation below:
  • "Livin' on a Prayer"
  • "You Give Love a Bad Name"
  • "It's My Life"
  • "Have a Nice Day"
  • "Wanted Dead or Alive"
  • "Bad Medicine"
  • "We Weren't Born to Follow"
  • "I'll Be There for You"
  • "Born to Be My Baby"
  • "Blaze of Glory"
  • "Who Says You Can't Go Home"
  • "Lay Your Hands on Me"
  • "Always"
  • "Runaway"
  • "What Do You Got?"
  • "No Apologies"
  • "In These Arms"
  • "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night"
  • "Lost Highway"
  • "Keep the Faith"
  • "When We Were Beautiful"
  • "Bed of Roses"
  • "This Ain't a Love Song"
  • "These Days"
  • "(You Want To) Make a Memory"
  • "Blood on Blood"
  • "This Is Love, This Is Life"
  • "The More Things Change"


  1. Great artist,i wish i had rock band..

  2. Eh, not really into Bon Jovi, but I love Rock Band! My RA had the Beatles version last year. Was great.

  3. I just got done with my GTL session this morning, and I was amused by your post

    keep up the solid work!

  4. Ya know, I was never too good at Rock Band - but my skills from Guitar Hero carried over with the guitar. Ah well...

  5. you got me at Livin on a prayer.

  6. Wishes I still had Rock Band 2 and a PS3. Got pawned :/

    Shit was so good for just burning nine hours at a time away.

  7. Ahh nicee, don't really listen to Bon Jovi much though

  8. wow that must be an awesome game

  9. Sweet, Bon Jovi and Rockband seems like a nice mix.

  10. Hah ^^ get yourself real instruments :>

  11. I'm not opposed to some Bon Jovi. should be fun. i haven't played rock band in a couple years..

  12. good job here!

    you just inspired more bubbles on "Enhanced by MS Paint"... check it out!

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  14. you've got a great point on this one

  15. Like a cowboyyyyyy
    loaded six string on mah back!